About Me

Well hello there! Thank you stopping by!

I am new to this whole blogging thing so forgive the awkward introduction. You should know that I am here for one reason and one reason only: God called me to write.

This is a confusing call since I have less than zero training in writing and very little vision as to where I am going. In today’s world of “personal brands” and “building your following,” I feel the pressure to start this journey with the end in mind. Sadly, God does not seem to feel the same pressure and has not yet informed me of any part of the journey past today.

I am here today in obedience to His call with a passion for sharing experiences and wisdom gathered along the way. I am here today to bring Him glory and to submit my rebellious, controlling heart to His will. I am here today because I love community, God’s Word, and facing fears.

So thanks for being part of the journey to (literally) God knows where!

You probably came to this page wanting to learn about me, so here is a short collection of facts that would not qualify as “fun” if we were doing a get-to-know you round table, but are, in fact, About Me:

  • I am married to a kind, gentle, loyal, football-loving, trivia-nut named Ben – You can bet he will come up
  • I live in Houston, Texas but my heart home is in the mountains of North Carolina
  • I still adamantly claim that I am a dog person, yet I have an all-black kitty named June
  • At weddings, I find the door where the hors d’oeuvres come out and strategically position my body between that door and all the other guests
  • When I love a movie more than my life circumstance during a particular season, I tend to re-watch said movie frequently. Currently, that movie is Moana.

Please comment so I can get to you know and share if you would like!

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